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Although acknowledged to be of the highest quality and extremely long lasting, Domextra offer surprisingly competitive prices based on the best solution for your situation.

So don't go by first impressions alone, always ask the best to quote too.There is more to water softeners than just comparing their price tickets. This checklist will help make sure that you consider all the factors.

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We offer a range of domestic models to suit small, medium and large households.


Some manufacturers offer just one domestic model to suit all, whether you are a household of eight or just one person.

All our models have good salt storage, which means less frequent refilling, usually monthly or less often.


Some brands require fortnightly or even weekly refilling.

We have an unbeatable record of customer satisfaction and endeavour to have an experienced member of staff available to offer courteous advice or helpful assistance when you ring.


The call centre service offered by some firms is definitely not for us.

We expect our equipment to last the test of time and therefore we maintain spares - in fact we still have parts for most models dating back to 1974, some even older.


Some discontinue spares for older units and are reluctant to repair their products if they are over 7 years old.

We offer an efficient and competitive maintenance and repair service.


Many rival manufacturers do not design for ease of repair.

Most repairs can be undertaken in a cost-effective manner because we have designed a sturdy product that is easily maintained.


Faults on some can prove not to be cost effective to remedy.

We are extremely proud that more than half our sales of new products are to existing satisfied Domextra customers.


Some firms simply sell you a product without any on site advice or assistance.

Most of our models have the versatility to be used with either block or tablet salt produced by a variety of suppliers, allowing you to shop around for the best price and not tying you to one particular type of salt or supplier.


Many other makes are not versatile and can only be used with block salt, which is usually dearer than tablet salt.

Domextra water softners suit any size or style of kitchen


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