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We have specifically developed models suitable for the larger residence, along with a wide range of light commercial equipment. In addition, if you have a particular application in mind we can usually design and build a water softener to solve your hard water problems.

Larger residences and commercial applications

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The stylish and innovative Domextra 900 range - meets the water softener needs of any size family

Despite the compact size of the Domextra 940MDi it still boasts 15 litres of softening resin. This gives it the ability to meet the water softening demands of an average family and still be small enough to fit inside a convenient spot - usually inside a kitchen unit. Improved design - find out more >

The 960MDi is designed to be a free standing model and is typically sited in a utility or laundry room, often under a worktop, or in a garage. Containing 20 litres of resin, its extra size means that it offers greater output of softened water, more salt storage and improved economy. It is particularly well suited to households with high peaks of demand or areas of exceptional hardness. Improved design - find out more >

The 980MDi is designed for the larger residence or light commercial applications. It is usually found in boiler rooms or garages but is stylish enough to enhance many utility rooms. Its large salt storage and high output of soft water is particularly useful in homes where the arrival of a large number of house-guests can suddenly boost demand. Depending on the local hardness the 980MDi can comfortably handle up to twelve in residence.
Improved design - find out more >

Domextra 940MDi

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Domextra water softener range
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