Domextra 960MDi - new improved design


Our flagship 900 series models are hand built softeners using the best quality heavy duty components to ensure they are tough, efficient and reliable.

Our versatile meter demand system and high grade softening resin are standard, providing enhanced output and reduced salt consumption. This combination of build quality and design ensures our 900 models are indeed the very best.

The Domextra 960MDi is designed to be free standing and is typically sited in a utility/laundry room or garage. Its 20 litres of resin offers greater output, efficiency and economy. It is particularly well suited to households with high peaks of demand for soft water or areas of exceptional hardness.

Our aim is to provide a superior product with exceptional levels of build quality. Our policy of evolution ensures we maintain our reputation for long life and reliability backed by our after sales service that is second to none.

Domextra 960MDi - new specification

Overall height with top hood fitted

825mm (32½”)

Overall height without top hood

776mm (30½”)

Depth (with standard hoses connected) see note 1

483mm (19”)


254mm (10”)

Salt loading height

540mm (21¼”)

Typical output @ 20° hardness (286ppm) see note 2

3636 litres (800 gallons)

Resin vessel volume

20.4 litres

Maximum salt storage see note 3

35 kgs

Regeneration (waste) water used per cycle see note 4

89 litres

Regeneration (waste) water used per cycle expressed as

a percentage of output @ 20° hardness (286ppm) see note 4


Typical monthly power consumption

0.75 Kwh

Typical salt used per regeneration

2.4 kgs (5.28 lbs)


1. assumes 15mm standard hoses; a 22mm high flow kit is available which will increase the depth to 521mm (20½")

2. output is proportional to hardness

3. assumes tablet salt is used; storage will be reduced when using block salt

4. regeneration cycles can be varied which may affect this figure – waste water usage is proportional to output


All specifications quoted are typical and may vary due to local conditions or specific customer requirements.

Domextra reserve the right to alter specifications without notice.

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